Go old school with marijuana flowers and buds. We provide the best quality flowers and buds for the best price.


When you need a highly potent product, concentrates have got you covered. Discover potent tetrahydrocannabinol at Spot420.


Forget the hassle of rolling with our high-quality, pre-rolled cannabis joints. The expertly rolled smokes will become your on-the-go cannabis.


Extracted from the marijuana plants, the cannabis oil is cannabinoid concentrate. It’s rich, potent, and perfect.


Let your skin soak the goodness of cannabis with our collection of cannabis-infused creams, lotion, bath salts, lubes, and other products.


Perfect for on-the-go cannabis consumption, our liquid cannabis gels are popular and convenient.


Share a bite and enjoy our collection of yummy edibles, including fudge, gummies, chocolates, and more!


Give THC beverages a try to discover a new and fun way of consuming recreational cannabis with friends and the Spot 420 family.


Do you love to vape? Designed with the latest tech and best cannabis, our cannabis vaporizers will blow your mind away.

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All Spot420 store branches are open 7 days a week around the year including stat holidays

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As your local marijuana store, we present to you the best of Canadian cannabis. With our diverse range of products available at varying prices, we have something for everyone. Browse through our premium selections to find the right cannabis products.


Spot us as your go-to dispensary at our locations, St. Catharines, Etobicoke and Orangeville to make sure you never have to go far to purchase high-grade cannabis.


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First Legal 420 Celebrated

April 20th marks the unofficial marijuana day around the country. We welcome you to join in on the celebration, talk about the role of marijuana, have fun with fellow cannabis lovers, and party the night away.


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